I was born and raised in Newcastle but I moved to Leeds to pursue a career in music when I was 18.
Performing in bands from the age of 10 brought me to studying music in Gateshead college. 
I went on to study a BA Honours degree in popular music at Leeds Conservatoire, which is where I stayed on to do a masters degree, specialising in composition and performance.
I have performed in some beautiful venues across the North East like Durham Cathedral, Newcastle City Hall and The Sage Gateshead.

The guitar has always been my true passion. I have always gravitated more towards the acoustic, focusing a lot on the hybrid picking technique. 
I would say I have quite a modern playing style, originally being classically trained but spending most of my teenage years shredding the electric guitar (poorly) with lots of gruesome distortion led to me forming a balance between the two.

I'd say my music takes influence from quite a few genres, forming the deranged but semi approachable offspring of prog rock, folk, neo-classical and jazz.